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Welcome to the home page of Acorn Books in MI.  I am restarting the business in 2017 after a four year hiatus. I still buy books selectively and will come out to your house if you live in the Detroit area.  At this point, I mainly look for collections (many books on a narrow subject), collectible books and antiquarian books. I'm also interested in collections of paper (ephemera, pamphlets, old catalogs, programs, menus, select magazines, older newspapers, etc.).



For updates on Acorn Books, coupons and a lot of general book-related news and information, "like" my Acorn Books Facebook page:



Right now, I'm selling at book shows, book festivals and some Sundays at the Royal Oak Antiques & Collectibles Flea Market. My only online venue is currently eBay. Check out my eBay Store here:








I am currently selling at the Royal Oak Antique & Collectible Flea Market to reduce the inventory I have in storage units (mostly books under $12 at bargain prices) and also to highlight recent acquisitions (collectible books at reasonable prices).  Come out and visit me. 

I am scheduled to display there on the following Sundays:

Upcoming Dates

--June 25, 2017


Sunday FEBRUARY 26th

Royal Oak Flea Market


I'll be along the east side of the center aisle this time (near the middle of the market).  Five tables of hardcovers and paperbacks, from antiquarian books to much more recent books, fiction and nonfiction, something for everyone!  A LOT of NEW acquisitions this time!!!  I will also have some French ads from 1954 and prints from the 1880's with me.  


 "Like" my Facebook page: for a $3.00 OFF coupon good for anything at my booth!!!


Plus, there will be other dealers there selling books --and books are only one choice among all the dealers selling various antiques and collectibles.  You never know what will turn up!  It's a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday.  Here's a video about the market! 



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07-18-2006 - Update sales

06-13-2006 - Closed on Mondays & update sale

04-01-2006 - Announcement of the closing of the shop and the accompanying sale and of my plans to become an "on-line only" dealer and some new arrivals.
































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